A Q&A With Blotted Ink Books

I won’t chatter on too much at the start of this post. I’m sure readers you will have seen that I have spent the month of May reading historical fiction. I have been blogging on the subject of why I love the genre (here), where you should begin if you want to start reading it (here) and my favourite reads (here). 

Now I want to share a very special Q&A with BlottedInkBooks who read alongside me. Her blog is full of fantastic recommendations and insightful reviews, so why not go and give her a follow! You can find her at https://theblottedinkbooks.wordpress.com/ !

The joy of joining the bookstagram community has been getting to chat to fellow bookworms about their love of all things literature. I feel as though I have found my place amongst these passionate and kind bibliophiles. Historical fiction is for me pure escapism, something which I needed in these uncertain and surreal times. So too is the online bookish community. 

I will share my wrap up for the month, so keep you eyes peeled! 

So enjoy and don’t forget to give the lovely Dannie a follow.

What sets historical fiction apart from the other genres you read? Why do you love it?
I have always been absolutely fascinated with history – I’ve always loved visiting National Trust houses, museums and the many Roman forts in Dorset I was lucky to live by. Historical fiction gives me the opportunity to get lost in the past, to imagine how people lived, how they loved. And the past was often far more scandalous and tragic than the present!

As someone who writes did any of the books this month, or any other historical fiction, inspire your creative writing?
Oh gosh YES. Hamnet was an absolute masterpiece of writing – tapping into the rawest emotions. It made me want to delve deeper into my characters’ feelings. The Animals of Lockwood Manor gave me a lot of inspiration when it came to settings – something I think I lack, how to make a setting feel like one of the characters!

Which book would you recommend to someone who either doesn’t read much, or any, historical fiction?
My first historical fiction novel was The Other Boleyn Girl – I will always recommend it. It had the perfect blend of romance, suspense and tragedy – yes, Philippa Gregory plays with the facts but it makes for a fab read! In fact any of her Tudor books are an excellent read.

Which era do you prefer reading about and why?
This is an easy one for me as it will always be Tudor history. I’ve had a deep connection with
that era for a long time – and there is still so much we don’t know. From the War of the Roses, to Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots, the stories from that time are almost hard to believe – if you didn’t know it truly happened! And because the factual accounts of that time are rather unreliable, it allows for plenty of interpretation for authors!

Which of the novels you read this month left you with the biggest book hangover?
Oh…Hamnet, Hamnet, Hamnet. What a book. I was so worried the hype wouldn’t live up to reality, but it was just such a touching, nuanced, gorgeous read. I was thinking about it for so long afterwards – such a clever book. We’ve been very spoiled for reads this month though!

A huge thank you to my bookish bestie Dannie for answering my questions. Who is your bookish best friend? Who is the first person you always want to talk books with?

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