All the fun of the fair (or circus)

Readers I’ve noticed a little something of late, thanks in part to my reading A Girl Made Of Air - I love a book set in a circus.  Now yes I am aware that it is very niche, but bear with me on this one.  Lyrical and inventive, A Girl Made of Air is a… Continue reading All the fun of the fair (or circus)

Review: The Mercies

Hello my dear readers, bibliophiles and bookworms. It’s been a little while since I posted a review, but I feel like I’ve picked a goodie to share with you today.  The Mercies by Karen Millwood Hargrave is the story of Maren, the most beguiling heroine you could possibly hope for. She is haunted by visceral… Continue reading Review: The Mercies

Women Talking

We do know that the conditions of Molotschna have been created by man, that these attacks have been made possible, even the conception of these acts, the planning of these attacks, the rationale for these attacks within the minds of men, because of the circumstances of Molotschna. And these circumstances have been created and ordained… Continue reading Women Talking