A Q&A With Blotted Ink Books

I won’t chatter on too much at the start of this post. I’m sure readers you will have seen that I have spent the month of May reading historical fiction. I have been blogging on the subject of why I love the genre (here), where you should begin if you want to start reading it… Continue reading A Q&A With Blotted Ink Books

Review: The Mercies

Hello my dear readers, bibliophiles and bookworms. It’s been a little while since I posted a review, but I feel like I’ve picked a goodie to share with you today.  The Mercies by Karen Millwood Hargrave is the story of Maren, the most beguiling heroine you could possibly hope for. She is haunted by visceral… Continue reading Review: The Mercies

Historical Fiction: Where Do I Begin?

Firstly I write this as a historical fiction enthusiast rather than an expert, just as I did my last post all about exactly what makes historical fiction. I know from talking to people on bookstagram that there is a sort of aura around the genre which makes people think that it isn’t for them or… Continue reading Historical Fiction: Where Do I Begin?

Otterly Amazing Reads: What Makes Historical Fiction?

A slightly different Otterly Amazing reads coming at you today. Throughout May I am celebrating all things historical fiction. I’m a huge fan of the genre, but this has not always been the case. It’s only in the last 8 years or so that I have become interested in the books set in the past;… Continue reading Otterly Amazing Reads: What Makes Historical Fiction?

Otterly Amazing Reads: The Night Circus

Do you have any books which you put off reading? You just knew you’d probably love them, they sound so wonderful and you’re seeing it in every bookshop (or online but I found today’s book well before I found bookstagram). Everyone loves said book, but what if you’re that one anomaly who doesn’t. What if… Continue reading Otterly Amazing Reads: The Night Circus

Review: Conjure Women

And just like that I have a new contender for my favourite book of the year. Conjure Women is a deeply dark and haunting historical fiction, full of suspicion and suspense. For those who loved The Familiars, Essex Serpent, The Confessions of Frannie Langton and The Binding I think this will be your next book… Continue reading Review: Conjure Women

Otterly Amazing Reads: The Bell Jar and Milk and Honey

Otterly Amazing Reads: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Path Starting something new today on the blog which I hope you enjoy dear reader. Hopefully you have found my little corner of the internet because you are a bibliophile or at least you’re interested in hearing what I have to say about books.  Of course I… Continue reading Otterly Amazing Reads: The Bell Jar and Milk and Honey

The Popularity of Retellings: Why have they become our new literary obsession?

Bookworms tend to be slightly obsessive. I count myself among that number. I collect books at a rate which makes my bank balance dwindle and bookshelves sag. I talk about books with anyone who will listen and feel slightly uncomfortable when daily life requires me to be seperated from my current read. That scene in… Continue reading The Popularity of Retellings: Why have they become our new literary obsession?

Topics of Conversation: Desire, Difficult Conversations and An Even More Difficult Narrator

I’m writing this review feeling just a little bit unsure what I have just read because Topics of Conversation is unlike anything else I’ve read. An unreliable and at times unlikable narrator draws out, often inadvertently, the deepest secrets of those women she meets whilst also ruminating on her own existence. Miranda Popkey does not… Continue reading Topics of Conversation: Desire, Difficult Conversations and An Even More Difficult Narrator